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I would like to thank Marianne aka SongViolin for the beautiful Warm Heart Award she sent to me... I will treasure it always...

Thank You Again, Marianne!!

September 1st, 1999

I am very touched that my dear friend, Aninka, has honored me with her Kindness Award...

Thank you very much, Aninka.. I will treasure it always in my heart...

September 3, 1999

I am deeply honored that Sharon Wallace of WallaceWorld has presented me with her Golden Bonnet Award For Web Design And Site Honor... Please visit Sharon's site... You are in for a special surprise...

Thank you, Sharon!!

September 6, 1999

This beautiful friendship gift is from my good friend, Marianne also known as SongViolin...

September 10, 1999

Thank you my dear friend, Jnor, for your wonderful awards... I will treasure them always...

September 22, 1999

January 25, 2000

I am very honored to receive this Heartwarming Site award from Sandpiper, who has made a web page dedicated to the very talented and gifted actor, Eric Schweig.. Please visit Sandpiper's site.. It is a very interesting and informative page..

Thank You Very Much, Sandpiper!

October 4, 1999

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