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I want to thank my wonderful friend, Marianne, for sending me her Golden Treasure Award... I am deeply touched by it...

Thank You, Marianne, for being a special friend...

October 4, 1999

It is an honor to receive this Spirit Award from Tjjen who has created a beautiful page about Native Americans... Please check out her site.. It is full of interesting information and beautifully put together...

Thank You, Tjjen!

October 5, 1999

I am very touched and honored to receive the following awards from a wonderful lady, TremblingDove.. She has created such a beautiful and also a very moving web page dedicated to her family and friends, poetry and some very helpful links.. Please don't miss visiting TremblingDove's Site...

Thank You, TremblingDove..

October 13, 1999

What an honor it is to receive this beautiful award from SherryB.. Sherry has such a wonderful homepage! Check it out and see what I mean!!

Thank you, Sherry!!

October 15, 1999

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