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I am very happy and honored to receive this award from Roger, whose site is called Life Is Strange.. It is a wonderful site full of Irish spirit and humor.. You will love it! The words on Roger's award are Irish and it says "Molann An Obair An Saor", which means "Judge A Man By His Work."

Thank You, Roger!

October 23, 1999

I would like to thank Lady Seewan for honoring me with her Award For Excellence... Please visit her beautiful site and sign her guest book to let her know how much you enjoyed her page...

Thank You, Lady Seewan!

October 26, 1999

I would like to thank Lady Timeless for her beautiful award... She has a lovely site and it is full of so many wonderful things... Go check out what surprises she has on her site!

Thank You, Lady Timeless

December 1, 1999

I would like to thank Fox for this beautiful award.. Please visit her wonderful and beautifully made page called Wolf Whispers... It is fantastic...

Thank You, Fox!

December 16, 1999

And thank you Fox for your beautiful gifts to me... ((((Fox))))

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