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May the warm winds of heaven
Blow softly upon your house.

May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.

May your mocassins
Make happy tracks In many snows..

And may the rainbow
Always touch your shoulder...

Fruit From The Light

by Frank Howel

Welcome to Spirit Dreams.. To bookmark this page, click here

Hi.. My name is Flo .. ( I am pictured here with my daughter, Pat, who was a bridesmaid at my son's wedding.. ) I live in a small town in Upstate New York... I love hunting, camping, bowling and dancing..

I like the outdoors. I am 5' 3" tall, brown hair but gray now and brown eyes.. I am half Cherokee.. My mother and grandmother were both full blooded Cherokee.. I love and am very proud of my heritage...


In other people, I look close at their heart.. Your heart tells all... A good heart is a good friend.

My friends and I love to go camping and have a good time joking around with each other... Our great vacation is a trip to Florida, relaxing in the sun and doing all sorts of fun things..

I have a brother named Lee who also lives in Florida.. (He is pictured with his two beautiful grandchildren, Amber and Cove... and his son, John, at age 17)

Lee also has a beautiful daughter named Tracy who is pictured here with her Dad on her wedding day...

Also, camping is a great way to let your hair down... It is peaceful and relaxing. Try it some time....


I like watching movies and in the evening, I love to read books with a good romance story... I love the fall most of all, with its trees all aglow with fall colors...

I love to hear the birds singing and watching animals roaming around freely.. It gives me such a peaceful feeling to be close to Nature.. To experience its beauty and make it a part of me...


I don`t like people that are cruel to others and some that think they know it all.. That really gets to me.... That turns me right off...

Food I can`t eat are hot foods and spinach...

I want to share some of my favorite things with you so get a cup of coffee, have a seat and let's visit for a while... And please sign my guestbook below to let me know what you think of my page..

I have included many Native American sites on my page as well as some graphics, music and my friends' homepages that I hope you will enjoy..

Also, I want to thank J-Nor, Wolf and Poski from the bottom of my heart for their help in making this page... It means the world to me...

Thank you so much..

Lots of love...


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